• Are Snails Bugs?


    What follows is a complete list of all animals I have observed from my window: It appears that animals fall into three distinct categories: feathered, hairy, and neither. The snail poses the biggest challenge because it has no legs. It was also the only animal without feathers that lays eggs in my list for almost […]

  • Planned Maintenance


    This site will become unavailable about 12 hours from the time of this post and for a period of about 12 hours while servers are relocated to a new office. Please click here if you’d like to view the event in your local timezone. EDIT: Maintenance completed! Servers are now hosted in New York!

  • Pixel Watch 2


    I set some money on fire and went for a Pixel 8 Pro promotion. For a bonus $150 trade-in value on my last generation Pixel 7 Pro, it worked out that I was spending $450 to get an incremental upgrade to the next phone plus a Pixel Watch 2, normally $350. The upgrade also provided […]

  • Scientific Computing with QEMU on Raspberry Pi

    Scientific Computing with QEMU on Raspberry Pi


    Here’s the deal. Let’s say you’ve heard of BOINC–a tool for donating CPU time to distributed computing projects, typically for the advancement of the sciences. Big names in distributed computing applications like Rosetta, MilkyWay, Climate Prediction, and World Community Grid hunger for your CPU cycles in exchange for the promise of advancing our understanding of […]

  • Remember: Make Time for You


    You have to take care of you. You are the only you that you will have. We might make friends along the way, and they are a great comfort in this rough world, but ultimate responsibility lies with number one. You are that number one. The point of view. The singularity. As engineers, we experience […]

  • Fall 2023

    Fall 2023


    Yesterday was the first big temperature drop to the area, enough where I felt the first shivers of the approaching chilly season. We don’t experience a proper fall here. Mainly, we have a hot and wet vs a cold and dry season. This is one of the less desirable traits of the area. When I’m […]

  • 3D Printer Mistakes: Things I Wish I Knew 6 Months Ago

    3D Printer Mistakes: Things I Wish I Knew 6 Months Ago


    I love 3D printing! However, the love doesn’t come from the result. It comes from the journey, the tinkering, the wrenching and experimenting to find out what works. This article is about what doesn’t work. These were my (sometimes expensive) lessons learned, memorialized here for my better self-education, my bad memory, and just maybe for […]

  • Protected: Disposable Camera

    Protected: Disposable Camera


    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • Website Stability Woes

    Website Stability Woes


    This site has been offline for almost a day, and I hadn’t noticed! Luckily, I came here to draft a post about my recent experience with a PHP bug, and I noticed that the page was loading to a white screen. Experience teaches me that the web server Caddy likes to return empty responses when […]

  • CrimeCon 2023 Day 3 Brief

    CrimeCon 2023 Day 3 Brief


    Today’s presentations were even more deeply moving. As a tagalong, I did not expect the majority of presenters to have a direct and personal stake in the crimes. I was also surprised that, despite the well-known shortcomings of our justice system, the victim’s families who were present generally felt positively towards the police. Generally, it […]



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