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  • Mentally Lazy

    I’ve been feeling mentally lazy over the past two weeks. My experience of it is similar to depression, but without the emotional impacts so much as the schedule and motivation ones. Why? Namely, it’s for the following reasons: These factors come together to gut my initiative. Time rolls by while my to-do list grows if…

  • Caribbean Cruise: Winter 2023

    Caribbean Cruise: Winter 2023

    Hello world! It’s been some time because the whole family’s been out of the country on a luxury cruise. I’m not dead. We left on November 28th on the Norwegian Pearl and returned on December 9th. Overall, it was a very positive experience even though we had a few extra guests that we didn’t plan…

  • Remember: Make Time for You

    You have to take care of you. You are the only you that you will have. We might make friends along the way, and they are a great comfort in this rough world, but ultimate responsibility lies with number one. You are that number one. The point of view. The singularity. As engineers, we experience…

  • Protected: Disposable Camera

    Protected: Disposable Camera

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