Mentally Lazy

I’ve been feeling mentally lazy over the past two weeks. My experience of it is similar to depression, but without the emotional impacts so much as the schedule and motivation ones. Why? Namely, it’s for the following reasons:

  • Persistent Illness
  • Work holiday season downtown
  • Poor sleep hygiene
  • Wife on the phone late at night
  • Messy home

These factors come together to gut my initiative. Time rolls by while my to-do list grows if I can be bothered to track minor tasks. However, I think I’m ready for a change because my illness is over. I start by sending my partner this message:

Sweetheart… I know that you’re often on the phone late at night and for long periods. I realize this activity is throwing off my routine and harming my motivation for lack of sleep. To help address this, I’m going to let you know while you’re on the phone when my usual landmarks are reached–time to get ready for bed, time to cuddle… so that I’m not staying up late to fulfill those needs. We can explicitly choose what you do with your time to avoid surprises and sacrificing my sleep.

Very nice. Now, here are the personal changes I’m making:

  • Commit to a bedtime
  • Communicate my schedule needs with my spouse
  • Take the lead on the new work project
  • Remove a clutter item each day for donation, trash, or recycling

With a fresh shower and shave, I do feel clean. Let’s tidy my habits, my mood, and my life that I may seize the day.





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