CrimeCon 2023 Day 2 Brief

We just now got back from Day 2 (really, the first and only full day of CrimeCon, and to us Day 1 because work conflicted and we did not have sufficient work arrangements in order to attend on Friday) of the convention. We had a wonderful time! The only other convention that I’ve attended regularly is DefCon, and that con dwarfs CrimeCon by perhaps up to an order of magnitude in floor space and possibly in attendees too as a very rough, visual estimation.

There really is no comparison, however. DefCon is spread accross multiple Las Vegas hotels whereas Crimecon comfortably occupies a single Marriot (albiet the largest in the world) with room to grow.

To write of its attendees, the people were female biased for sure with long lines at the restrooms while the men’s rooms were dead. Many couples were in attendence. There appeared to be a few presentation tracks, but the presentations themselves were more interactively geared rather than presenting newfound knowledge or fundamental progress in the field. I did not apprecaite the tendencey for audience to talk over the presenters. I felt that many goers took the content too causually for my preference. The feel is more like a community gathering or a social rather than an academic conference at times, but CrimeCon is trying.

I don’t consider myself a member of the True Crime community. My ticket was bought for me. I behaved, and I learned a few things. The highlight of the day was my partner meeting her favorite podcaster Stephanie Harlowe, business partner, and the team. It’s wonderful when your heros seem to be nice people in person, too. I’m very happy for her.





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